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Capt. Mark Phillips, Former Coach, US eventing team:

“Martin Collins produces the best synthetic surfaces in the world. In 12 years we have never lost a day’s training on them at home and the surfaces are as good today as the day they were installed.”

Rodrigo Pessoa, Olympic Show Jumper

“We chose Martin Collins after two very good experiences. I was impressed with Ecotrack at Windsor and again in Oslo”

Laura Bechtolsheimer, British Dressage Olympian

“A good quality surface is hugely important when you are riding and training top class dressage horses. We train on a Martin Collins’ surface at home, and to compete at a venue on a Martin Collins’ surface is fantastic….”  

Richard Davidson, British Olympic Dressage Team Captain

“I remember exactly when it became a ‘must have’ for me.  With the Atlanta Olympics looming I had to have it without delay.  That was back in 1996,  almost five olympics later, and I have not had any other surface since then.”

Martin Collins Equine Surfaces, the UK’s leader of premium footing is now in the USA!
MCES boasts over 2,000 arena installations at private farms, events, international shows and FEI World Cups in Europe.  We are the experts on the beneficial effects of footing on equine soundness, setting the winning standard in horse footing!

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FEI Announcement: Equine Surface Experts from Three Continents Reach Footing Consensus

Editor’s Note: Glynnie Walford of Martin Collins has long argued that despite the arena industry having existed for decades and despite advances in technology and the introduction of a wide range of synthetic riding surfaces, it lags way behind other construction sectors by failing to protect customers with agency-enforceable standards. Walford discusses these issues in […]




Transform your existing surface with the addition of CLOPF® fiber.

  • Enhances existing sand/mix footing
  • Affordable
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Improves Performance
  • Reduces Risk of Injury


MC Ecotrack®

Polo on MC Ecotrack®

Premium product blending CLOPF® fiber, soft rubber, high grade sand with a wax coating.

  • Chosen by Top Professionals
  • Featured at International Competitions
  • Reduces Dust and Maintenance
  • Improves Performance
  • Reduces Risk of Injury


MC Equipment


Our choice of maintenance machines for the upkeep of synthetic surfaces.

  • Compact & Easy to Use
  • Ensures Surface Performance
  • Keeps Surfaces Level
  • Extends Product Life
  • Available in Multiple Widths