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Get our free 24-page Arena Footing Guide that covers building tips, choosing the right surface, upgrading your current arena, and caring for your arena surface

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The Importance Of Selecting A Reputable Footing Company:  Mindy Taylor of Winding Oaks Equestrian Center explains why it is so important to pick a reputable footing company and why she chose Martin Collins USA as the provider of her arena footing.

Common Mistakes When Building and Maintaining an Outdoor Arena: An arena that is poorly constructed or maintained can cause serious injury to a horse’s ligaments, joints or muscles. Whether you’re thinking about building a new arena or looking to update or repair your current one, this is a video you’ll want to watch.

Arena Drainage:  Martin Collins, founder of Martin Collins Enterprises, provides some top tips on arena drainage.

Meet Martin Collins:  Meet Martin Collins, founder of Martin Collins Enterprises.

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