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Correct maintenance of your arena surface will ensure safety and stability for the horse while giving it longevity and saving you money in the future.  An appropriate maintenance machine is essential to ensure the continued performance and extended life span of a synthetic riding surface.

Our machines have been specifically designed for the maintenance of synthetic riding surfaces. They help keep surfaces level and groomed not dragged. If you are unsure which piece of machinery is the correct choice for your needs, please get in toucht: (859) 846 9895   |   m: (859) 321 3751



The Arena Master Supreme Plus® is the appropriate maintenance machine essential to the continued performance and extended lifespan of your synthetic riding surface.

Our machines have been designed by Martin Collins himself and are aimed at keeping our synthetic surfaces groomed and level.


Mounted on a three point linkage with fully adjustable tines, the Arena Master Supreme Plus® comes with front and rear crumbler rollers to maximize stability and keeps the machine level at all times.

It has a unique, in-built swivel system that enables easier cornering making maintenance incredibly easy.   


Available in a variety of widths. 


The Arena Tow Master® is a lighter weight maintenance machine designed for towing by a quad bike or utility vehicle.

This machine is available in a 5ft width and comes with adjustable tines. 


Ideal for the private or small barn and for bigger establishments. 

This machine is made to order.

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