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Installation is just as important as the surface itself. Here are a selection of recommended and approved contractors who have worked with our surfaces on a variety of projects and installations. For more information on each, please click the boxes below.



Martin Collins products CLOPF® fiber and MC Ecotrack® are available through their association with Diamond W based in South Carolina.

Austin Wood is a 2005 graduate from Clemson University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agricultural Mechanization and Business. Austin grew up in McCormick, SC in an agricultural family with a small cattle herd and horses. Austin also managed 200 acres of forest land with his father, Wallace. Preserving land through proper management techniques has been taught to Austin since childhood. Austin has always had a vision to farm and preserve the land all while owning his own business. Upon completion of his degree, Austin became Manager for Log Creek Timber Co. in Edgefield, SC. In 2007, Austin led Log Creek in building their premier Rivers Edge Forest Products division located in Modoc, SC.


Austin’s vision of owning his own business soon came to life.  In 2008, he started Diamond W Contracting, LLC. With Austin’s agricultural background coupled with a skilled degree in the science of agriculture, he has a deep understanding of how land should be managed.

He is skilled in water management and is CEPSCI certified (Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspector). Austin has a deep understanding of soil erosion and water runoff; therefore he works with his customers to make sure all best practices are put into place to ensure maximum efficiency.

Austin has learned the importance of horse arena footing through traveling and researching many different types of foundations and footing. In order to protect the investment of not only a horse, but also the arena in which a rider spends hours in training, Austin works with the owner to build a customized arena that meets the horse’s and the rider’s needs. Through the engineering of his own custom equipment, Austin can provide a personal experience to his customers. He has worked for customers such as Bascule Farm LLC, Linden Lane Farm, King Fisher Equestrian and Coves Darden Farm. Each arena is special and has its own unique characteristics to make it a success.

If you are interested in contacting Diamond W for an estimate on a ring refurbish or new installations, please call Austin at 864-993-5029 for an immediate quote.



Martin Collins products CLOPF® fiber and MC Ecotrack® are available through their association with Capillary Equestrian Footings & Services, Inc, based in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Capillary Equestrian Footings & Services, Inc. is a construction company specializing in the installation of equestrian footings. We construct equestrian rings and arenas offering everything from, design, grading and site development. We have become one of the most recognized and respected equestrian footings and arena development companies, in the highest levels of the equestrian sporting world. We have constructed rings for some of the most recognized names in equestrian sports: Oded Shimoni, Catherine Haddad, Coral Reef Farm, Edal Farm, Laura Kraut, Megan Nusz, Darragh Kenny, Tuny Page, Cian O’Connor and Southwell Farm, to name a few.  We are now, the exclusive North American dealer for installation of specialty rings using the RISOHORSE Ebb and Flow system.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible footing and ring system for their horses, discipline and budget. As owners, riders and trainers all have different theories on what is the best footing for horses, disciplines and budget, we invite our new clients to speak with our existing clients for input.  We will be sure to provide you with references and as much information as necessary to make the best possible educated decision for your unique situation.

We take great pride in follow through and following up.  Servicing our clients after installation is just as important, guaranteed satisfaction….satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are interested in contacting Equestrian Footings & Services, Inc for an estimate on a ring refurbish or new installations, please call Nick Bruce on 561-245-3392 or email for an immediate quote.




Martin Collins products CLOPF® fiber and MC Ecotrack® are available through their association with Instinctive Designs, LLC, based in Paris, Kentucky.

Instinctive Designs is owned and operated by John Garey. A Kentucky native, John has degrees in Plant & Soil Science and Business from the University of Kentucky, and is an experienced installer of Martin Collins products. John has designed and installed arenas in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

John operated his own landscape and irrigation installation business before he began working on arenas. He became interested in the industry after observing the deterioration of many poorly installed arenas. “I knew there had to be a better way to provide a quality installation that aligned the customer’s budget and performance needs.”

John makes a conscious effort to educate owners on effective maintenance practices to preserve the quality and prolong the life of the arena, enabling the best performance from their horses.

If you are interested in contacting Instinctive Designs, LLC for an estimate on a ring refurbish or new installations, please call John at 859-576-1063 or email for an immediate quote.



We have an approved contractor in PA that you may like to talk to when constructing a new arena or refurbishing an existing one!  


Please contact Mark Wright of Risbon Excavating LLC located in Honeybrook PA, who has extensive knowledge both in the Equine and Civils worlds having been involved in numerous projects with a professional and honest reputation.   They worked with us on several high profile installations including New Bolton Veterinary Center and can cater to both the professional and smaller private barn.

So, if that new arena construction or refurbishment project is on your horizon, give them a call or email:

Office (610)286-5173 Fax (610)286-5141

Cell (610)633-8659

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