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The cost effective, long lasting, original performance fiber from Martin Collins, proven to improve the stability and structure of a sand arena

At Martin Collins USA LLC, we are pleased to confirm that we do NOT use waste carpet in CLOPF
®, only virgin material is used and sourced. This ensures the product does not have contaminants that may come from using post-consumer material. The fibers used have been Laboratory analysed for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which are chemical substances that may pose a risk to health and the environment. CLOPF® is the optimum surface enhancer for private, professional and competition arenas.



Available as a stand-alone product, CLOPF® fiber can be used in a new sand installation or to enhance an existing sand or

sand / mix footing, without incurring the expense of an all new product.

  • Add to existing sand surface

  • Excellent moisture retaining qualities

  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor

  • Secure footing

  • Even surface for better performance

  • Good value for money

  • Versatile


This proprietary blend of fibers assists in giving more stability via a ‘root structure’ within the sand particles. With the correct maintenance, the horses will work more ‘on the top’ of the footing, rather than ‘into it. This in turn, provides cushioning and energy return to the limbs of the horse.

The recommended amount of CLOPF® fiber required dependent upon the current surface content and dimensions of the ring, in addition to the equestrian use.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with irrigation system.




An International Synthetic Wax Coated Footing. Exceptionally versatile, MC Ecotrack® offers outstanding stability under foot, for confidence, security and top performance. 

The superior arena surface for show venues and professional riders.

A lower maintenance product which is a combination of CLOPF® fibers, industrial soft rubber and high-grade sand which are carefully weighed & blended with a wax coating.  This premium product is featured at international competitions and is a must for the demanding equestrian.

MC Ecotrack® is for both private and professional use in the equestrian world.  Successfully installed for dressage, show jumping, polo, therapeutic riding, round pens, and carriage driving.

There are different variants of MC Ecotrack® dependent upon climate and equestrian discipline.

  • Dust free when maintained properly

  • No irrigation system needed

  • Ready to use straight after installation

  • Suitable both indoor and outdoor

  • Manufactured by weight

  • Provides secure & consistent footing 

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