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We have laid over 4,000,000 sq.ft. of surfaces at locations around the world.

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Rebecca Brown


"I’ve had my Martin Collins CLOPF® footing for a little over a year now and I love it; I wish I had made the decision to install it sooner! It has improved my footing tremendously.


First of all, it is more stable and consistent- making it much safer for the horses. Secondly, it drains well in the wet months but also maintains moisture longer in the dry months; I get more days of use out of the arena now than before the CLOPF® footing. 


My horses’ safety and health are my top priority and, because of this, adding the Martin Collins CLOPF® footing has been my favorite improvement to my farm."

Ashley Shaw Dressage.jpeg

Photo © Amber Greeson

Ashley Shaw Dressage


"The Martin Collins USA CLOPF® fiber product has been an absolute dream. It was easy to install and is the perfect combination of textiles for my sand mixture and holds up well in our environment.

It can go from extremely hot and dry to severe thunderstorms within a day or two in Texas and this product is easy to manage and control with our watering system.


The people at Martin Collins made sure I had all the information I needed and provided excellent customer service.


A quality surface is extremely important for anyone serious about the sport, and in is a huge asset to my dressage training program."

Michael Willian Eventing MCE USA.jpg

Michael William Eventing


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"After downsizing to a smaller, private farm, we needed to put in an arena so that I could train for upper level eventing. We live in Ohio, so we needed it to be an indoor arena to be able to ride in the winter, however I also love riding outside in the good weather instead of being "stuck inside", so we decided to install an indoor arena with 23 large overhead garage doors that could be opened up to give it a covered arena feeling in the good weather!

This brought a new challenge to our footing decision though, we needed something that wouldn't need watered because it would dry out very quickly with doors open. Additionally, I didn't want the time commitment of watering several times a week.

Our search quickly narrowed down to the waxed/coated sand footings, which I had always loved the feel of anyway...

...After getting samples and quotes from several manufacturers, we chose Martin Collins because I liked the feel of their blend the best, and they were also very competitively priced!


Glynnie, the CEO, and Martin Collins have also been amazing to work with after the fact as well. Any time I have questions, need recommendations, or need to replace tines on our groomer, they are super easy and helpful to talk to, and super quick in getting me the replacement parts!The arena has been functioning for 4.5 years now and still feels just as amazing as day 1! The horses absolutely love it; I compare it to walking on gymnastics pads. Just enough cushion and "give" to be comfortable trotting, cantering, and jumping around in it, while also not being too loose and shifty that would cause them to struggle a little more to push off the ground correctly.


I truly love our Martin Collins footing and recommend it to anyone I come across who is putting in a new arena (or replacing existing footing!)"

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Hinckley Equestrian Center, OH.jpg

Hinckley Equestrian Center


"We are thrilled to have Martin Collins USA Ecotrack® and CLOPF® fiber footing professionally installed in all 3 of our arenas, providing for the best comfort and performance of both horse and rider! Thanks Glynnie and team!"


Fixler Farm 


"Martin Collins Ecotrack® footing was one of the best purchases we made for our new arena!The footing requires less maintenance and no irrigation system, helping keep our Champion Show horses at their best!"


Lauren Fisher MCE USA.jpg

Lauren Fisher


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